Wi-Fi Sharing

So you might be wondering, what happened to our Wi-Fi sharing service?

If you don’t know, towards the end of 2016, we launched a Wi-Fi sharing services, the provided people with the capability to share their internet connection with other through Wi-Fi, and earn money by doing so. It had quite a bit of media coverage, such as by the ABC and Sydney Morning Herald.

Unfortunately, as 2016 came to a close we realised that we had launched too early. We weren’t commercially ready to provide value to our customers, and there were some technical gaps in the service we wanted to fill. So we ‘unlaunched’ our service, and gave our customers back their money.

Since then, we have spent our time building a service that can provide real value to all our customers. Wi-Fi sharing is a challenging idea, and there are many moving parts that need to be perfected before we can make it a reality.

However, some of these moving parts are high-quality services and products in their own right. So, as we work on the vision of Wi-Fi sharing, we’ll be offering the individual pieces we’re proud of to our customers – and when the time is right, offer to integrate them into our Wi-Fi sharing service.